Volvo to test new wireless charging technology

Volvo, a Swedish car manufacturer, will test new 40kW wireless charging technology at Gothenburg in a bid for evaluation of the benefits of owning an electric vehicle without a cable.

A small fleet of Volvo XC40 recharge cars will be used by Cabonline as taxis over the next three-years. They will be charged with Volvo’s wireless charging stations.

Momentum Dynamics developed the charging stations. Momentum Dynamics’ modular wireless charging platform has been used in all types of vehicles, from buses to trucks.

When a compatible vehicle is parked over an inductive charging station, it charges automatically. Drivers can then take on electricity without leaving their car.

Volvo claims that the wireless charging power will exceed 40kW. This means that charging speeds are almost four times faster then a wired 11kW AC charger, and nearly as fast as a 50kW DC charger.

A receiver unit inside the Volvo captures the energy from the pad. The 360-degree camera system aligns the Volvo with the charging device precisely.

One of the many projects in the new Gothenburg Green City Zone is the wireless charging test. This zone aims to eliminate emissions by 2030. To develop sustainable technologies, the zone will include live testing beds.

Volvo electric cars can be driven 100,000km (62,000 miles) annually and will be used for over 12 hours per day.

Volvo plans to use the city as a test ground for wireless charging solutions in order to learn more about real-world benefits, and drawbacks.