Valentino Gareri Atelier Designs Prototype for Circular Economy Village In Australia

Valentino Gareri Studio has been chosen to design the pilot project of a circular economy village model. This model aims to reduce urban sprawl by promoting sustainability and diversity. The Spiral Village, which will include eight residential hamlets and co-working and entertainment areas, will be made using 3D printing techniques. It will promote circularity through a waste to resources hub, diverse regenerative agriculture systems, and sustainable water management.

Steven Liaros, an urban planner and political economist, developed the circular economy villages concept with Nilmini de Silva, a water engineer, who are both founders of PolisPlan, an Australian town planning consultancy. It is described as a vision for a network of high-tech, renewable villages that aim to self-sufficiency, zero waste, and their bioregion. The pilot project for the Circular Economics Villages concept will be the Spiral Village, designed and built by Valentino Gareri.

© Valentino Gareri Atelier

We envision a new way to live where people have a deeper connection with nature and the food that they eat. This will help build a sense of community. We are also looking for innovative ways to use technology to enhance our lives and lower the cost of living. Living in a sustainable village meant giving up comforts for decades. We are reinventing living in a world where nature, sustainable energy, and modern technology are all merged. – Valentino Gareri

The Spiral village will be built on 40 hectares of land located 5 hours north from Sydney. The Bellingen Shire Council wanted to create a pilot project that would produce “exceptional environmental, social outcomes”. The residential structures are designed to maximize sunlight energy and rainwater collection. The village’s water system has a number of ponds. The lowest will be used to clean wastewater. A hub will be used to convert inorganic materials into other products or resources. There will also be an agricultural system that will provide food for residents as well as help with organic waste management.

© Valentino Gareri Atelier