Travelling alone for the first time? Here’s how you can reduce the anxiety of solo travel

Embarking on a solo adventure? You might want some tips from the people who’ve seen it all: DirectAsia Insurance

When it comes to hitting the road alone, most of us fall into two categories: those who are up for a daring escapade, and others who prefer a more fuss-free (read: dependable) approach. Whatever your travelling style may be, it’s always a safe bet to prep for an epic experience abroad – especially if you’re jetting off without a partner or travel buddy to fall back on. Ready to go forth and wander? DirectAsia let us in on these easy tips to help you nail your first solo holiday…

Join a community
You might be tempted to just wing it on your trip, but putting together a solid itinerary goes a long way in ensuring that you’ll leave no stone unturned. One great way to do your research is to join travel communities on social platforms like Facebook or Reddit – these are fantastic channels for gathering tips that you may not discover in a guidebook. Plus, you’ll be connecting with other intrepid travellers who can be a great source of support should you need it.

Always stay connected
What would we do without WiFi? If you aren’t sure about going totally off grid, you could consider investing in a reliable data roaming plan or renting a travel dongle so you’ll always have the internet at your fingertips, reducing the stress of looking for a sim card at the airport.

Take the road less travelled…
It’s your big adventure, so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! Travelling alone isn’t always about making a solitary journey – there are great ways to immerse yourselves in local culture. For starters, an Airbnb stay opens the door to more authentic experiences with local hosts, and for those who are up for a cosy meal, signing up with a private dining community allows you to break the ice over a home cooked spread. Want a slice of the party scene? PartyWith is an app that lets you connect with fellow revellers in the country, so you can make your holiday a high-octane one. If you’re looking for more sightseeing action, check out Showaround, an online platform featuring customisable experiences with local hosts.

…while making safety your top priority
It’s easy to throw all caution to the wind when you’re caught up in the heady exhilaration of travelling to a new locale. Do be sure that you’ve got all bases covered before leaving; this includes basics such as researching on the neighbourhood that you’ll be staying in, ensuring that you have access to emergency funds and keeping your loved ones updated on your whereabouts. If you’re still concerned about your safety, level up by taking self-defense classes – you’ll learn useful skills ranging from defense techniques to honing your street smarts.

Gear up before you go
Nothing is more frustrating than having a trusty pair of sneakers fall apart during your trip. For those who are heading to an off-road destination, investing in quality gear is a must. Stock up on durable backpacks, insulated jackets, sturdy hiking boots and more at these outdoor clothing and accessories stores.

Don’t forget your travel insurance
Even the most seasoned of travellers will tell you this: you can’t take off without getting travel insurance first. You can always depend on DirectAsia for comprehensive coverage spanning hospitalisation overseas to emergencies, such as trip changes or cancellations due to terrorist attacks, natural disasters, civil commotions and even the haze. They offer customisable insurance that cover up to 90 days per trip, and we’re told that more than 80% of DirectAsia travel claims are settled within 24 hours. Plus, a personal claims specialist will attend to your needs during the process! What’s more, DirectAsia will pay for a family member to accompany those who are hospitalised overseas alone. Planning a year-long sabbatical? Choose the annual plan for the most convenience and value. To learn more, check out DirectAsia for the full breakdown.