The ultimate packing hack and other tips from a full-time travel blogger

Although it might sound impossible to travel for a living, for this influencer it is a regular part of daily life.

We met with Chloe Gunning (TravMedia’s Travel Influencer-of-the Year), to talk about all things flight, food, and foreign travel.

What was it like to be named Travel Influencer Of The Year?

It’s a huge honor. It’s a recognition from my peers that I am a travel blogger and have inspired others to do the same.

It was a very glamorous ceremony in London. I can’t imagine ever going up on stage to receive an award. You are already planning to congratulate everyone.

Over the years, I have been nominated for many awards and never won anything. It was amazing to be invited on stage. About:blank

How did you become a travel blogger?

Chloe Gunning

It was a long and difficult journey to become a influencer. My twenties were spent in London media, but I felt burnt out and decided to do something else.

I took a vacation and went on a journey. It was the old saying: I went to find me. However, I quickly discovered blogging. This was the best thing I could find. I began using it to share photos from Central America and to tell stories.

It grew steadily from the moment I returned home. This amazing platform was what I fell in love with. It allowed me to reach new people and share great stories from my time abroad.

It was seven years ago, so it’s been a long time since I started doing this.

How does your daily routine look?

Chloe Gunning

My life revolves around the blog Wanderlust Chloe, which I also run. I am a travel influencer and do many collaborations with hotels, airlines, tourist boards, and other organizations.

I often go on press trips to enjoy a destination or experience. Then, when I get there, I will be taking photos and creating content for my social media channels.

It involves lots of travel, at least two to three trips per month. After returning home, you will work on the content, edit the photos and make videos. You also have to share everything. It’s quite a hectic lifestyle.

What advice would you offer someone who is looking to be a travel influencer or entrepreneur?

Chloe Gunning

Travel blogging is something I am passionate about. I enjoyed learning about other cultures and getting to know the lives of others. It was a passion that I had, and I did it for the right reasons.

While many people may think that this glamorous lifestyle of flying around the globe every week and month is appealing, it’s not how my job works. If you are interested in this field, I would recommend that you do so because you love to travel, share stories, and think you have something to offer the world.

Many people will say “Be authentic” because that is why they want to read blogs. They associate with the writer, and it’s the same on Instagram. It’s all about being true to yourself, not trying to change.

Which is your top travel tip?

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I use packing cubes. These are small containers that can be used to separate items from your suitcase.

One for your underwear, another for your jumpers and one for your jeans. These are all great, easy items to add to your suitcase when you pack it.

Another travel hack? To check the weather forecast before your trip. This allows me to plan a capsule wardrobe where every top can be worn with every pair of jeans. The colour scheme is rough.

This means that I won’t have to clash all the time. I find this really helpful, especially if I’m travelling with a small suitcase/cabin luggage.

Which European destination is your favorite?

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My favorite destination in Europe is the city of Cadiz, Spain. Although it’s not as popular as Seville and Barcelona, it is still stunning.

It has a lot of history. It is compact, with many little streets you can walk up and down. There are lots of medieval buildings and a Roman amphitheatre.

Cadiz is known for its amazing food. You can find delicious tapas and great seafood along the coast. It is one of those places that truly stole my heart.

What is it like to be a solo female traveler?

I still take solo trips, and they are something I enjoy because that’s how my journey began. I loved solo female travel, and that you don’t have to be a woman to explore the world.

Solo travel is something I find very special. You don’t have any company. You must do everything by yourself. While you do the planning, you can also get lost in the details.

These moments can be very telling about a person’s ability to handle pressure and difficulties. It’s amazing how many people are also on the same road, and that they want to meet others.

You end up at 2am in a bar talking about your last trip or what you have planned for the future. Those moments are my favorite. Those random friendships that you make while on the road are very special. It’s not possible to do this when traveling with a partner.

What’s the next stop on your travel plan?

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I will be heading to Spain in a few weeks. This has been on my bucket-list for at least five years. I am a huge foodie and travel to eat. San Sebastian is the capital of Spain‘s food scene.

Already, I have plans to visit the bars and restaurants. It boasts 11 Michelin-starred restaurants. I am thinking about going there for a special dinner one evening.

If you go somewhere, I believe you should try every type of cuisine.