The Local’s Guide To Authentic Mallorca

Mallorca is a popular holiday spot. You’ll find plenty of activities if you rent one of our luxurious villas in Mallorca. There are many options depending on what you want to do. We have been asking local experts to give us the scoop on their top picks.

Tell us about yourself – who are you, what do you do and why you’re an expert in this area.

Since I was a child, I’ve been visiting Mallorca. I moved to Mallorca eight years ago after a successful career at Alexander McQueen. I have been involved in events since then and am currently the Director of Globo Event. Our exclusive concierge service supports all events, from small private parties to large corporate events.

Mallorca Expert: Globo Events

Why should everyone visit Mallorca at least once in their lives?

Mallorca offers so many things for all ages. Mallorca is a small island that offers so much.

Beautiful Mallorca, Spain

Three words to sum up the region

Luxurious, beautiful, and captivating.

What should visitors bring with them?

It is a good idea to bring your driving license! It is possible to travel around the island, seeing everything, from hidden beaches to stunning mountain views to hidden lakes and caves, to tiny Mallorcan villages and the magnificent historical city of Palma.

Sa Calobra Beach, Mallorca

Sa Calobra Beach, Mallorca

What is it that makes people return time and again?

Everybody who visits Mallorca falls in Love with the island. Most people are surprised at how easily the island is accessible and how many things you can do while there. You’ll always want more!

We need some travel inspiration. Can you share your suggestions on…

First, grab your bags and… Order some sangria and a plate de Pambol and get a true taste of Spain!

Pam Boli, Spanish taste

Pam Boli, Spanish Taste

Don’t miss! You can have lunch or dinner at Flanigan, Puerto Portals’ most exclusive Port.

The best restaurant – Cala Conills is the most exquisite fish and seafood restaurant in Sant Elms

Cala Conills Restaurant, Mallorca

Restaurant Cala Conills, Mallorca

The best place to drink – La Lonja Palma

Best activity:Charter, a yacht that will take you to Ibiza on a day-trip

Yacht charter, Mallorca

Yacht charter, Mallorca

Enjoy a free walk from Playa de Palma down to the old fishing village Portixol.

The best spot for a spectacular panoramic view. This is the northernmost tip of the island Cap de Formentor.

Cap de Formentor, Mallorca

Cap de Formentor, Mallorca

Top things to do with families The Pirates Adventure Show is an action-packed mix of amazing acrobatics and thrilling gymnastics. You will not forget this magical experience of adventure, humor, comedy, and action.

The best things to do with a group of friends/adults Dinner at the exclusive Port Blanc restaurant, Palma followed closely by a VIP evening at Pacha

Port Blanc and Pacha, Mallorca

Port Blanc and Pacha on Mallorca

The best kept secret – A breathtaking drive from Valdemossa through Deia to Sa Calobra, passing through the picturesque village of Deia. Here you can enjoy a delicious lunch at the hidden beach restaurant Ca’s Patro March.

The best day tours – A traditional train ride from Palma to Soller, through the Sierra de Alfabia mountains.

The best way to spend a week with your family – All of the above, if you are able to fit it all in. But if not you can do what everyone else does and return to us again!

Traditional Train Journey, Mallorca

Oliver’s Insights: The Best Towns and Villages of Mallorca

We’re confident that you know the most secret places in Mallorca. Now we want to share some of our favorite towns and villages. It’s easy to get lost in tourist traps and miss out on the real gems of this region. We want your Mallorca holiday to be memorable and fun so we picked five special spots that will enhance your Spanish holiday. We are certain you will love them just as much as we do.

1. Alcudia

You will no doubt have heard of this tourist destination in Mallorca.

Alcudia, a walled restored city, was once the island’s most important Roman settlement. But today it exudes charm and daintiness – its brick houses and cobbled streets are a testament to the town’s past and are worth a visit.

Families and friends can all enjoy the stunning array of beaches within a five-minute drive. These beaches are quieter and safer for children. There are golden sands and many water sports waiting for thrill-seekers. Parasailing, windsurfing, and sailing are all options. But which one should you choose?

2. Binissalem

Binissalem, which lies between the mountains and the Mallorca plain, is a great find. This village is also a wine-growing region. Binissalem is a likely place to order wine at a Mallorcan restaurant. It’s pretty cool, huh?

This village has everything Instagrammers long for: vibrant orange trees, vineyard action shots and vibrancy. A few glasses of wine is a good idea, and local vineyards make for a great place to explore. The village is semi-industrialised but the residents know how to have fun.

A September visit is great. You’ll be there for Festa der Verma. The highlight of the festival is undoubtedly the grape fight. Locals don white clothes and chuck grapes at one another. If you ask us, it sounds like a lot of fun.

3. Banyalbufar

Tourists come to this charming village to witness one thing: the stunning terraced hillsides that slope down to the sea.

This name reflects the Mallorcan village of Banyalbufar to a T. Founded by the sea, Banyalbufar is the center of fishing for many generations. The population is much lower than in other villages and towns of Mallorca. This is a refreshing break from the daily grind back home.

Although the beach is very popular, it’s made from pebbles so it might not be the best place to get your tan. The coves make a great base for a picnic, especially during the sunset.

4. Pollensa

This is one of Mallorca’s most visited tourist spots. However, the town appears as beautiful and unchanged as ever.

It is composed of narrow streets and exemplary structures like the Calvari. Pollensa has 8000 residents, so it is large enough to feel the buzz, but not too small to be lost in the crowds.

Pollensa is a main ingredient made from pork, but Langosta a La Parrilla is lobster tail on the grill with homemade mayonnaise. You can’t resist it!

5. Manacor

Manacor may not be on your immediate radar. But that’s what’s so great about discovering something new – you get the chance to see it in all its natural glory.

Manacor, located at the eastern end in the centre of Mallorca is the home of the artificial pearl industry. Make sure you check out the jewellers for world-famous pearls!

If you are a tennis fan, you will probably know that this is where Rafa Nadal was born. You’ll likely find him in the area when he’s not on court. There is also the Rafa Nadal Academy, which attracts talent from around the globe.