Stay Connected with the New Garmin inReach Mini 2

Garmin products are designed for the inside, so that they can be used outside. Garmin’s GPS navigation system and wearable technology enable customers to spend more time exploring their passions in aviation and marine. Garmin launched the GarminInReach Mini2 satellite communicator because so many people are returning to nature at an increasing rate in the past few years.

The company will soon release an update to the InReach Mini’s last-generation. Garmin products are highly regarded in all markets it serves due to their outstanding design, superior quality and functionality, reliability, as well as overall value. Here’s a quick overview of the inReach Mini 2.

The inReach Mini 2 has the following key features:

  • Compact, robust, and lightweight design
  • Satellite communication allows for two-way messaging worldwide and interactive SOS
  • TracBack routing lets you navigate back to the place you started
  • You can share your location through your MapShare page, or embed it in your messages
  • Even if you aren’t moving, the digital compass will show your heading.
  • When synced to your Garmin device, it will work with the Garmin Explore website and app on your smartphone
  • Garmin wearables/handhelds can be paired with Garmin to send/receive SMS messages and trigger an SOS
  • Battery Life is approximately 14 days with 10-minute tracking mode and up to 10 days with Standard Activity mode.
  • USB-C Connection
  • Includes Carabiner Clip, Spine Mount Adapter

General Overview

This satellite communicator with GPS is lightweight and compact, adding peace of mind to your adventure without adding weight. You can stay connected even if you are far from the grid with two-way communication or interactive SOS. TracBack’s routing feature allows you to return exactly the same way as you started.

Your MapShare page allows you to share your location with your family and friends. You can also include your coordinates in your messages. The digital compass can provide accurate heading information even if you’re not moving. Garmin Explore lets you plan trips, view topographical maps, create routepoints, and sync routes to your smartphone. This app will allow you to stay on your adventure for longer.

The Design

The device’s exterior looks almost identical to the Garmin InReach Mini 1. One thing that is noticeable is the addition USB-C port. This was much more popular than the micro-USB in the previous generation. This makes it easier to connect the device while wearing gloves, in cold conditions, or when you’re rummaging in a dark tent.

The Improvements

The inside is where the most important updates are. Updated GPS chipset. The inReach Mini 2, which syncs with Garmin Explorer, but not Earthmate, has been updated. Both the screen and functionality are largely unchanged. You’ll still find enhanced navigation settings in your menu. This unit still has many beloved features, such as InReach Weather. The battery life has been extended, which is a big improvement on the old battery. This alone might convince many people to upgrade their Mini 1 or get their first GPS for backcountry adventures.

Wrapping up

The InReach Mini 2 should be considered a positive improvement over its predecessor, even though it has the same form factor. Garmin’s GPS products are ranked very highly among personal locator beacons and satellite messengers. It does everything a market-leading device should. It is also one of our most compact products. It is a compact and solid tool for custom messaging and communication. Some features require an active subscription to satellite communications ( certain jurisdictions prohibit or regulate the use of satellite communication devices).

Garmin inReach Mini 2 should soon be available in Flame Red and Black.