Quasar Introduces New Linear LED Lights for Content Creation

Quasar science is a well-known name on sets around the globe. The company’s tools are used by filmmakers and lighting technicians to create unlimited art. The company’s tools are not only used to help creators realize their visions, but there are still many exciting new ideas. Quasar LED tube light is one example. Crossfade X Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow.

Quasar lights are some of Hollywood’s most beloved lighting tools. They are well-known for their simplicity, durability and low price. Quasar lights are also well-known for their tubular design, high-ranking color scores and highly-ranked color scores. We know very little about the Crossfade X and Rainbow 2 lights.

Rainbow 2

The Quasar Rainbow 2 (R2) has been improved. The R2 is the best linear LED for motion picture and content creation. It has a number of new features while maintaining a sleek, low-profile, robust design. The R2 has high RGB color saturation and multiple pixels that provide smooth, flicker-free dimming. Ossium Mounting System allows for unlimited rigging possibilities, which were previously unimaginable. The R2 is the ideal tool for lighting actors and environments. Rainbow 2s come with multi-pixel control to get the best color.

This linear LED light can be powered by either AC or DC power input. It provides incredible data connectivity. It also features DMX cat 6/cat 5 ports, wireless DMX from Lumen Radio and bluetooth. There are three different lengths of the R2 at different prices: 2 feet, 4 feet and 8 feet. A quad kit of two feet and four inches is also available.

Key Features:

  • Color Control – This perceptually distributed color palette allows artists and designers to control lighting intuitively. Spectral Control allows artists to control a color’s spectral fingerprint.
  • Colour Science – You can calibrate more than one billion colors using the RGBX Spectral Science color engine.
  • Pixelation The Rainbow 2 creates more realistic animations thanks to its higher resolution and better control
  • Mounting OSSIUM Mounting System seamlessly connects with industry-standard hardware to make rigging safer, quicker, and more precise.
  • Connectivity It includes an Ethernet Node that expands data flexibility.

Quasar Science Rainbow 2 25W LED Linear RGBX LED Light 2′

Double Rainbow

The Double Rainbow (RR), Linear LED has two rows with RGBX pixels. This increases its animation and special effects capabilities. RR is compact and elegant with amazing features. This unique shape allows for powerful lighting that doesn’t take up much space but still produces high quality output. It is twice as large as T12 tubes and can be used for studio lighting, process cars, or other special effects. The result is real lighting thanks to its vivid saturated colors and intense white light.

RR can be controlled via wired DMX, wireless DMX, or both. This eliminates the need to purchase data boxes, receivers, and transmitters. You can use the AC power supply built in or you can run it with DC battery power to go wherever and whenever. Ossium Mounting System rigging can be used in any environment.

Two lengths of RRs are available: four feet and two feet. There are two sizes of RRs: a four-foot double kit and a two-foot double kit.

Key Features:

  • Double Wide Design It is a unique two-row design that offers unmatched flexibility.
  • Color Control – This industry’s first perceptually distributed colour palette uses Just Noticeable Difference to provide light control and instinctive light control. Spectral Control is a new tool that allows output to be desaturated to match color-matching fixtures from third parties.
  • Colour Science – You can calibrate more than one billion colors using the RGBX Spectral Science color engine.
  • Pixelation The double-height creates more realistic lighting effects animation.
  • Mounting OSSIUM Mounting System seamlessly connects with industry-standard hardware to make rigging safer, more efficient, and more precise.
  • Connectivity It has both an Ethernet Node as well as a Network Switch.

Quasar Science Double Rainbow Linear RGBX LED Light 50W, 2′

Crossfade X

Crossfade X, the cheapest unit in the group, is Crossfade X. The aluminum frame has a plastic diffuser that covers the bulb. You can dim the lamp by turning the wheel at the lamp’s end. The lamp produces a balanced and flicker-free spectrum of color at any color mix by blending warm 2000K diodes with cool 6000K. A single light can be used to illuminate a room, while three lights can be used for a 3-point setup. Three lights can also be used for a key light. The Crossfade X retrofits legacy Kino packages to make LED lights compatible with dimmers. This will increase output and quality. The fixture is lightweight and portable. It can be mounted to walls or ceilings with tape without worrying about it falling.

Its versatility is enhanced by the intelligent mounting system and AC cabling accessories. The tube only requires 120 volt AC power at one end, which reduces cabling requirements. Crossfade X comes in three sizes: two, four, and eight feet.

Key Features:

  • Tunable Light – This blends a warm diode of 2,000K and a cool diode of 6,000K to create a balanced color spectrum that is flicker-free in any color combination.
  • Dimmable – It works with all AC TRIAC dimming devices.
  • Simple Operation The new on/off power switch with control dial allows for quick operation and easy adjustments.
  • Low Profile It can be easily hidden or flush mounted to ceilings or walls with tape.
  • Lightweight – This lightweight, portable tool allows for unlimited rigging possibilities.
  • Scalable Stack them in columns and rows. Large LED panels or arrays can be created.

Quasar Science Crossfade 25W Linear LED Light 2′, Quasar Science

Wrapping up

Quasar encourages you to use the LED lights to control light to achieve your tasks. There are many options available in their catalog for lighting. These three are ideal for all types of projects because they are durable, large, and versatile. Professional lighting is available for any budget and style. Each of the Quasar LED lights can be ordered in a variety of lengths, sizes, and prices.