MVRDV Exhibition Shows Behind-the-Scenes Look into the Firm’s Archive and Creative Process

The “MVRDVHNI” exhibition, which is located on the top floor at Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam, Netherlands, showcases 30 years worth of MVRDV’s work. It focuses on the design philosophy behind each project as well as future plans. This exhibition is located right next to the latest project of the firm, the Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen. It focuses on the creative process behind each project and how they were created.

MVRDVHNI’s exhibition showcases a collection of models, photographs, sketches and drawings that MVRDV delivered to clients prior to construction. The three main themes of the MVRDVHNI exhibition are ” human“, which reflects MVRDV’s socially conscious and people-centered designs; ” green“, which speaks to its sustainability goals, and ” vision“, which reflects MVRDV’s desire for bold, inspiring architecture.

© Aad Hoogendoorn

The company was founded in 1993 and is the first to create a digital archive. The traditional methods of accessing the collection were unsuccessful, so new tools were developed to make it more accessible. ProjectScape was created specifically for the MVRDV NEXT Studio. It allows visitors to explore projects according to their own lines of investigation. Namelok created a software to analyze the MVRDV images. Francesca Morini’s search engine allows visitors to view thousands of emails sent to the firm whenever the word “sustainability” is mentioned.

We were hesitant to answer questions about the significance of the 400 first projects in this monographic exhibition that featured the MVRDV archives. Because they are still very relevant in daily life, we can’t help but think of them as being alive. There are many ideas, philosophies and typologies that reappear, from the very first projects all the way to the future of projects in 2300 and beyond. The exhibition should focus on the future and present of these projects and not be viewed as artifacts but as living ideas. — Jan Knikker, MVRDV partner

© Florine van Rees

The exhibition will also take part in the three themes, especially the green theme, as it will be furnished using used furniture that will be reused after the exhibition ends to reduce waste.

© Florine van Rees