Jeep reveals new Wrangler Magneto 2.0 at Moab Easter Safari

Magneto 2.0, the second 616bhp edition of the BEV Jeep Wrangler concept has been revealed

A modified version of the all-electric Jeep Wrangler Magneto was revealed as part of a series concept vehicles that will participate in the annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari event.

The second edition of the battery electric Wrangler concept, the Magneto 2.0, was revealed last year. It has received a performance boost and a number of mechanical upgrades.

The concept is powered with four lithium ion battery packs that have a combined capacity 70kWh. This power has been significantly increased over the original Magneto.

The old model produced 281bhp, 273lbft and 281lb ft. The Magneto 2.0 generates 616bhp. It also has 850lbft and claims a 0-62mph speed of 2.0sec. The magneto 2.0’s powerful reserves are created by one custom-built axial flux electrical motor.

It retains the six-speed manual transmission of the original Magneto and a clutch to provide “ultimate control” over the propulsion system. It still offers regenerative brake and a true one-pedal driving experience.

To make room for powertrain components, the model’s wheelbase was extended by 305mm. The ride height has been increased by 76mm. The Magneto comes with 40-inch off-road tires mounted on 20-inch wheels to improve off-road performance.

The styling changes for the new concept are minimal, but include lightweight bumpers and carbonfibre arches. These designs, Jeep claims, will improve the vehicle’s approach to and departure angles.

The exterior of the model is painted in ‘Surf Blue’. It also features a carbonfibre roof, a custom-made fabric roof, and a carbonfibre bonnet with a transparent blue-tinted window.

The Magneto is built on a Wrangler standard with retrofitted electrical components, and not a new design. Jeep stated that it will not offer retro-fitting services for customers anytime soon, despite the success of the powertrain.

Mark Allen, Jeep’s design boss, stated that they were trying to gauge the popularity of electric vehicles with the enthusiasts. It [the Magneto] was something we thought would be funny and interesting last year. But the response was almost overwhelming. This is a great sign, especially considering that we are looking to the future of electricity.

Although range numbers have not been released by the company, 70kWh should provide for approximately 220 miles per charge.

Allen stated that the goal is not to increase range but to improve the torque characteristics of battery electric off-road. As the future unfolds, we expect batteries to become smaller, lighter, and more efficient with greater range. I was impatient, and wanted to see it as soon as possible.

“I was shocked by the acceptance last year, because I view these people [Jeep enthusiast] as a bit conservative in my thoughts, but they are very progressive in wanting electric off-road, primarily torque characteristics, and the quietness these vehicles.”

Jeep announced recently that it will produce its first production EV in the first half, but insists that the technology used on the Magneto is unlikely in production. This includes the manual gearbox.

Allen stated that the manual gearbox was an efficient way to keep everything like the suspension, low range transfer case, and most importantly the axles.

He said, “Will it [the manual transmission] be in production?” It doesn’t seem so to me. That is not what I see. It may be possible for someone else to do it, but that might not be us.