Enlaps Tikee 3 Pro Timelapse Camera: An Overview

The Enlaps Tikee 3 PRO cloud-connected panoramic camera is designed for automated, timelapse creation. The Tikee 3PRO has a pair wide-angle lenses that cover a 220deg panorama field. The Tikee3 PRO (Tikee is a contraction Time Keeper), works with Enlaps’ myTikee cloud content editing, content creation and sharing platform to create professional timelapses. These timelapses showcase the passage time in breathtaking full HD, 4K or 6K resolutions. Let’s see what the Enlaps Tikee 3 Pro can do.

The Enlaps Tikee 3 PRO’s Key Features:

  • Time-lapse camera that is 100% self-sufficient and connected
  • Amazing 220-degree viewing angle
  • Outdoor use with weatherproof camera
  • MyTikee Storytelling is connected to a cloud-based content creation platform.

With myTikee’s cloud platform, you can create professional timelapse videos in just a few clicks thanks to its advanced image processing, AI algorithmic selection and automated content creation. The Enlaps Tikee 3PRO can operate completely autonomously at remote locations thanks to its integrated photovoltaic panels and 4G WiFi connectivity. Beautiful landscapes and breathtaking vistas are the first things that come to mind when you think of time-lapse. They can be used as visual communication tools in the construction, event and tourism industries. Let’s look at how Enlaps Tikee 3 PRO could be used in these sectors.

Construction Timelapse

The timelapse video is a great way for the construction industry to show months, or even years of progress in a matter of seconds. Timelapse videos are not only a great way to document the construction process but they can also be used as powerful visual marketing tools. These videos can be shared on social media, which is great for attracting potential clients.

Enlaps Tikee PRO’s integrated solar panels, 4G connectivity and IP66 weatherproofing ensures that timelapse data can be uploaded to the myTikee automated feed, even when it is not possible to upload from remote locations or in adverse weather conditions. It is ideal for creating timelapses and tracking progress on job sites. Enlaps makes it easy to view historical data in the event of weather delays and when you need to review activity from subcontractors.

Event Timelapse

Enlaps allows companies in the event industry to showcase their services in a variety of exciting ways. Timelapse videos are a great marketing tool for organizers of recurring events.

Timelapse videos can be used by organizers, vendors, and subcontractors to highlight specific moments during an event.

The Enlaps Tikee 3 PRO makes it easy to reduce labor-intensive tasks involved in creating a venue that is ready for events. These activities include stage construction as well as tear-downs and set-ups. These timelapse videos provide a quick way to show how events are executed.

Tourism Timelapses

Enlaps Tikee 3 PRO is also a valuable tool for people working in tourism such as tourism boards or private tour agencies. Timelapse videos are a creative and unique way to show the dynamism of a place that goes beyond static imagery.

Timelapses can be used to convey the continuous sunrises and sunsets, rising and falling tides, and changing seasons.

Enlaps timelapse videos can be created that capture intense moments and highlight the passing of time. This will entice viewers into experiencing the world firsthand.