Bugatti Centodieci completes hot-weather testing

Before customers begin receiving their Bugatti Centodieci cars next year, the Bugatti Centodieci completed hot-weather testing.

A PS7.4million tribute to Bugatti EB110 was placed under “extreme” temperatures of 50 degrees C. 27 engineers performed checks on the car’s fuel system, electrics, radio frequencies, fuel system, and air conditioning system.

The team started in California and followed the Central Pacific Highway from California to Arizona via San Diego. After that, they made “rapid” ascents of Mount Lemmon to test the hypercar at 2800 metres.

The Centodieci was also put to the test in “low speed stop-start traffic”, a stationary position under the sun, with the air conditioner on full blast, and even driven at 198 mph on closed roads.

It was accompanied by four Chiron Super Sports and three Chiron Pur Sports.

Stefan Schmidt, an engineer in Bugatti’s Overall Vehicle Development department, stated that “Testing out in the hot and dry desert is a huge aid for us in our development process.”

“All Bugatti models must function flawlessly, regardless of the high temperature, even the Centodieci. Even though we are only making 10 cars like the Centodieci the testing process is equally difficult. Each model must run flawlessly in any weather or in any traffic conditions.

There will only be 10 Centodieci. The limited-edition Chiron model features the same quad-turbocharged W16 engine with 8.0-litre engines for 1577bhp. It can also reach 0-62mph in just 2.4sec. It’s only limited to 236 mph, while the Chiron can reach 261 mph.

Andre Kullig is the technical project manager at Bugatti. He stated that “The Centodieci has a newly developed bodywork, airflow change and engine bay cover made from glass means that the temperature behavior of the Centodieci is quite different,”

“This endurance test in hot weather is crucial for us as it’s how we can make sure that the Centodieci, just like all Bugatti models, provides a flawless, reliable, and safe driving experience in extreme heat – even though customers may not be able to subject their cars such extreme conditions.

“The tests have shown that the existing Centodieci setup works well for hours even in extreme heat,”

Now, the Centodieci will move on to Europe for its final shakedown. Bugatti anticipates that it will cover 186,000 km during endurance and high-speed testing.